faceoff Boxing


faceoff Boxing is part of the award-winning series of sport films by the title faceoff. Each film aims to capture to core energy of the sport by telling a story about the mental challenges.

Thanks to the amazing people who made this happen!

producer: Kathrin Rüppel
director: Florian Kaltenbach
dop: Matthias Maercks
1st ac: Samy Neo
sfx make-up: Nina Düffort
editor: Hannes Andresen
grading & vfx: Paul Schwabe Digital Production
colorist: Jan Hartmann
music production: dasDUR
music producer: Christian Steinhäuser
composer: Dennis LeRose
sounddesign: Maurice Krämer / Hastings Music GmbH

thanks for the support:
Jan Wildner / Adidas
Matti Schaffran, John Mifuba, Dieter Donath, Ralf Hackradt / Boxtempel Berlin
Hans-Peter Miesner / Boxclub Spandau
Volkhart Buff / Buff Connection
Anthony Zornig
Greg Bray
Lars Marx
Nico Zeh
Nina Geiger / Hastings Music GmbH
Christoph Schroeder